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Afrikaloan is one
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We help you get a quick loan into your M-Pesa once you do the online application. Once filled out our operator gets back to you immediately either through e-mail or phone call. The money gets to your M-Pesa in a record 15 minutes.

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For the loan repayment, top up your M-Pesa account:

For the loan repayment, top up your M-Pesa account:

- Tap "Lipa na M-Pesa"
- Paybill
- Enter Business No 697566
- Enter your M-Pesa phone number (07XX XXX XXX)
- Enter the sum you want to repay
- Enter your MPesa PIN
- Tap "Send

Any doubts how much to repay?
Call: 0743 155 934 or check the recent SMS-notification.

Mandatory requirements for the borrower: 18 years old and full-time employment. You shoul be aged 18 or older, have National ID, residence address and active cell phone with a local carrier and have M-Pesa account.

You fill out the online application form and within several minutes you will recieve the decision on your email.

Afrikaloan covers all Africa. So you may apply from anywhere. You just need the internet access.

If you didn't receive SMS within 15 minutes, please, check your balance and phone settings and restart your phone. If it doesn't help, click "Get the code again". In case all steps did not help, please contact us - specifying your phone number and phone carrier.

Please, сheck the folder "spam" of your mail box. If there are no messages, please send us an email on informing that you don't receive letters from us.

You may apply for a loan by calling our hotline. Operators will help you to fill out a loan application form.

You may fill in the address of your relative. It does not affect the decision. If you can't enter the address or any other data due to technical issues, please send this information on -

Full name and account number should be the same that you entered at Afrikaloan website, otherwise we are not able to transfer money to the specified account. If your incorrect application form was approved, money will be returned to Afrikaloan Bank within 2 weeks. After that you will be able to create a new application form with the correct data.

Information with the application status will be sent on email address, which you provided in the application form. Information about the status of application is also displayed on your account.

Perhaps, we were not able to contact you or your employer stated in your application form. That is why we cancelled the decision about loan approval. We recommend you to check the information specified in your account settings.

If you already recieved the money, you are not able to reject the loan. You may return the loan by the following ways. The total loan amount you may find in your personal account.

It takes just several minutes to receive conditional approval after filling out a loan application. Once the application is received, a customer service representative will call you to verify your application information. The information about your application status is also sent on your e-mail and is available in your personal account.

Once your loan application is approved, the money is deposited directly into your active M-Presa account.

If your loan is approved before 5 pm business day, you will receive money on that day. If you send your request at non-working hours, you will receive money on the next business day after application is approved.

You may apply for another loan only after you repay your existing loan and get message that your loan is repayed in full.

For the loan refund, top up your M-Pesa account:
- Tap "Lipa na M-Pesa"
- Tap "Paybill"
- Enter Account number
- Enter your M-Pesa phone number
- Enter the sum you want to refund
- Tap "Ok"

Any doubts how much to refund?
Call: 0743 155 934 or check the recent SMS-notification.

Yes, you may repay your loan in full or just make an advanced rayment at any time before your due date. There is no additional fees for early payments. Please, pay attention that the fee amount will not be decreased and will stay the same.

You may modify your troubled loan by extending payment plan. Choose the loan extending option in your personal account on or just call our customer support service.

Please, click - password recovery on

Please send the screenshot and problem description to -

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